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Calendar of Events
June 2017
Book Displays:

June, 1-10

Book Display dedicated to Walt Whitman

June, 8 –15

Book Display dedicated to World Oceans Day

June, 1- June, 14

Book Display dedicated to Stand for Children Day

June, 14- June, 20

Book Display dedicated to  Flag Day

June, 17- June, 24

Book Display dedicated to Eat your Vegetable Day

June, 19- June, 28

Book Display  dedicated to African American






Visits, training, excursions, presentations:

On Wednesdays at 3 p.m.

Trainings on how to 3D print and Scan  or Draw/ Use Kindle or e-readers / Use of Electronic Databases / Academic Integrity in Higher Education

Thursday, June 15, 17:00

Тренінг: "Свобода Слова 1) Право отримувати Інформацію"

Thursday, June 22, 17:00

Тренінг: "Свобода Слова 2) Визначення Дифамації"




Events for children:

June, 2 at 12:00

Kids movie day: Share Disney’s Timeless Classic with your Family at 12:00

June, 9 at 12:00

Kids movie day: Best animated film in 2006 at 12:00

June, 16 at 12:00

Kids movie day: Animated film from authors of Finding Nemo

June, 23 at 12:00

Kids movie day: Meet Disney’s newest hero!




  Discussion Club:

Each Friday at 5 p.m.

Discussions with Michael Kuzko





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