Book Choice - Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is a global celebration of volunteers. It takes place every year on December 5 to shine a light on the impact of volunteer efforts everywhere.

Volunteers are leading social change around the world. This week American Library picked books on leadership and human resource supervisory in managing projects. More photos here!

English Speaking Club - each Friday

Join us for English Speaking Club with Michael Kuzko - on Fridays - at American Library!

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100 Books to Read before You Die

For those who just can't stop reading and discussing what you've read, - join Literarure Discussions each Tuesday at 17:00.

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American Film Classics

During Winter 2017-2018 American Library is showing American film classics, so you can learn English with Hollywood movies =)

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Documentary film "James Mace: Life pathway"

Today we recalled the memories about James E. Mace (February 18, 1952 – May 3, 2004), an American historian, professor, and researcher of the Holodomor, while watching a documentary film "James Mace: Life pathway" with film's director Iryna Shatokhyna and historian Yuriy Shapoval.

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