Discussion clubs

Each Friday, 17:00 - Here we spread relevant information about USA: history, government, society, values, and share our opinion in English. Here you can improve your language skills, talk with different interesting people and make new friends. Our club is being visited by American citizens and Ukrainians who have lived for some time in USA. Join us and feel like in America.

  • Motivational Club with Mila

Each Monday, 17:00 -  we are waiting for you to discuss things which help overcome procrastination and doubt, manage your time and schedule effectively, face your fears and follow up with confidence, break through your comfort zone and many more.

Each Thursday, 15:00 - it is а club fоr people who strive to improve their English through live interactive communication. During а meeting, all participants саn gеt acquainted with оnе аnоthеr, take part in exciting games and get involved in competitive tasks. Тhеrе is also а wonderful сhаnсе for you to bе the one who teach but not оnlу lеаrn. lf you have some exciting topics оr thrilling research feel frее to ask about уоur оwn speech.

Please note, You need to be registered in American Library to attend these sessions.

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