100 Books to Read before You Die

For those who just can't stop reading and discussing what you've read, - join Literarure Discussions each Tuesday at 17:00.


For many, college is a place to explore great literature and some of the most important writings that have shaped the way society thinks and functions. Of course, many students simply don’t have time to read all the great things they’d like to or should, especially while working or trying to take all of their required courses. Whether you’re in college now and are looking for some quality reading material or have already graduated and want to keep learning, join the Literature Discussion nights at American Library - to work through the best world must-read books.



Books offer a chance to be entertained, educated and emerge a much more well-read individual =)



WHEN: each Tuesday, 17:00 - 19:00

WHERE: American Library Kyiv

(Ukraine, Kyiv, Kontraktova Ploscha metro station, Voloska Street, 8/5, Kyiv-Mohyla academy building #4, 1st floor)



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