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American Library  at NaUKMA  is open to  all visitors


Library membership 

Library membership at American Library is free for all categories

American Library Membership includes:

  • working in reading rooms,
  • visiting American Library Events,
  • using ElibraryUSA platform,
  • receiving training and other consultations on e-resources usage, Academic Integrity, Information Literacy, and Media Literacy from American Library specialists.
  • American Library Membership must be renewed annually. This service is also free.



Book loans are free of charge. Members may borrow 4 books at once. Loaned materials may be renewed 3 times unless previously requested by another member.

American Library's users can renew their loans online via the American Library website:

  • by phone: +38 (044) 462-56-74
  • or in person at the library desk.

 Materials that may not be borrowed include reference, games and art albums.


A fine of 3 UAH per day is charged for any item not returned by the due date.

For damage or loss of a book, a fine of its ten-time cost will be charged. It is also possible to provide the library with the same or appropriate book.


Eating, drinking, and smoking is not allowed in the American library.

Please do not talk loudly.
Please do not use radios, walkmans or mobile phones loudly.

Thank you for respecting The American Library Rules!


Important Information!

In case when our users need to register in the University Library in order to use Scholarly book collections, electronic resources subscribed by NaUKMA, visit scholarly events - the University Library rules of registration applied:

University Library Registration Rules:

Persons under 16 years of age with permanent residence in Kyiv or Kyiv region may apply for the Library membership basing on their parents’ passport(s). Persons under   16 years can apply for a University Library Plastic Card for free.

Persons over 16 years of age with permanent residence in Kyiv or Kyiv region may apply for the Library membership for 400 UAH/per 1 year. In case you are not a permanent resident of Kyiv or Kyiv region and you'd like to borrow books you may bring the reference from:

  • place of your permanent work in Kyiv
  • dean's office, if you are a full-time student

Persons who have pensioners ID can apply for a membership card for free.

University Plastic library card for a year costs 400 UAH. To obtain a library card you should show a passport with the proof Kyiv or Kyiv region residence. A valid library card entitles you to borrow books and use other library services. The term of the library membership is 1 year.

Members have to renew their membership card every 1 year and to pay 400 UAH for the next one year term. Any person who does not have permanent residence in Kyiv may obtain a University Library Plastic Card and use the Library including American Library facilities but may not borrow books. Non-Ukrainian residents have to present a residence registration valid for at least half a year to borrow books.

Please inform us if there is a change in your name, address or phone number.

Please report immediately if you happened to lose your library card. You will not be held responsible for items borrowed at your card after the loss was reported.

More information about the registration

Students, Ph.D. students, and lecturers of NaUKMA are free to issue a membership card. The card grants the right to use books in reading rooms and the issuance of copies with the appropriate status for the subscription, the use of electronic resources and databases on the local network, as well as the right to remote access to electronic resources.

For NaUKMA graduates, the annual re-registration of the card will cost 100 UAH.

For third-party users, the entry is made on the basis of a passport and a paid annual registration fee, the letter of guarantee from the institution is no longer required.

For third-party users, the cost of a membership card for 1 year to the American Library is 400 UAH, to the NaUKMA Library - 400 UAH, for students of other higher educational institutions of Ukraine (except for NaUKMA) - 200 UAH.

A free ticket for librarians of other institutions is provided, as well as a ticket to the American Library for pensioners and schoolchildren. More information about the cost of tickets can be found in Document About fines and paid services.


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