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Dear Library Users, if you want to borrow e-Reader at the American Library, you need to remember that:

lending is within the Library Only

  • e-Readers can only be used inside the Library.

Only registered library users can borrow E-readers. Before borrowing E-reader a library user signs a typical liability document.

  • Under no circumstances, E-reader devices can be carried out of the Library building. 

The E-reader must be in user’s care at all times and cannot be left unattended.
No content can be altered, added, deleted or copied to patron’s device.

  • The borrower can not tamper with the E-reader device or with any accessories or equipment designed for the use with the E-reader.
  • The E-reader must be returned only to return desk and handed directly to a librarian to check-in. 

It may not be left at the desk if no staff member is present. If the return desk is unattended, the borrower should find a library staff member to assist them.

  • The E-reader must not be placed in a book-drop.
  • The device will be inspected for condition and content before and after patron use.

No content can be added.

  • Any changes in condition or content while in the patron’s care will be the patron’s responsibility.
  • The patron is responsible for damage, loss or theft and added content. Costs must be paid immediately.
  • The e-reader can be used within the reading room only and cannot be loaned for usage at home.
  • E-readers cannot be returned to other branches within the library system.
  • The borrower must inform the librarian in case of any technical problems with the e-reader.

If you want to borrow e-reader you need to sign a typical commitment at the circulation desk.

Please, contact us in the case when you are going to borrow e-reader:

phone: +38-044-462-56-74

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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