What's in American Library? 


Many valuable resources are available at the library, such as:

  • books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, games, computers, Internet access, maps, etc


American Library has many categories of books such as fiction, nonfiction, reference, special collections of rare books and maps. 


American Library offers e-books.


American Library's magazines collection covers many topics ranging from business to lifestyle. For those seeking a fun read, library may offer "People" or "Sports Illustrated".


American Library carries an assortment of DVDs for entertainment and education. Bond with your children while watching blockbusters like Iron Man. Pick up that documentary you have been meaning to watch. 

Reference Librarians

Reference librarians not only know the library like the palm of their hands, they also have a wide knowledge of book authors, computer technology and more. If you need help finding a book or category, or want a book recommendation, ask a readers advisory librarian.


If you don’t have a computer at home, you may be able to access it at American library. Whether you want to send an e-mail or read your Facebook newsfeed, American Library may have the resources to help.


American Library offers free Internet access. You can use your own device or library's computer for your work and education. If you don’t have an Internet connection at home, take advantage of this resource at American library.

Study Rooms

Finding place for work or education can be difficult. But it’s possible. American Library offers study rooms where you can find the space you need for your group negotiation.


American Library offers a number of programs. These programs aim to foster cultural understanding and encourage participation from the community. List of programs can be found here.

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