The American Library provides free and open access to informational, educational, cultural resources, and recourses for entertainment for library users of all ages and backgrounds. Library staff will answer your questions and will help you to navigate the Internet.

American library users may:

  • Users with valid membership card can use library's computers for Internet access.
  • Take part in individual or collective trainings about Internet and databases use.
  • May use USB flash drives. You can  copy or e-mail your downloads for educational or research purposes.

American library users may not:

  • Make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software
  • Make any attempt to cause degradation of system performance
  • Use library's computers for illegal or criminal purpose
  • Use library's computers to play Internet-games
  • Use library's computers to gain unauthorized access to networks or computer systems
  • Violators of American library's policy may lose library membership. The library reserves the right to switch off your Internet session at any time if any violation of rules is noticed.

American library's users may use free Wi-Fi

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