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American Library at NaUKMA has a collection of the board games. These games were generously donated by the U.S. Embassy Kyiv.

Besides the classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble we have Boggle, Forbidden Island, Jumbulaya, Sort It Out, Word Racer and more.

These games are available to use in the American Library. These recourses aim to build and foster English language skills in a fun and competitive way.

Bring your friends, family and spend afternoon day of fun in the American Library exploring our great board game collection.

Come join the fun!

All games can be found in the Library catalog.



 7 Wonders

7 Wonders is a draft-based card game that is played using three decks of cards and features ancient civilizations, military conflicts and commercial activity. The game is highly regarded, for example, it is one of the highest rated games on the BoardGameGeek site.


American Trivia Game

The game features over 2,000 fun-filled, all-American questions in four categories-Geography, History, Arts, and General. 

It's the perfect way to brush up on all the fascinating facts and figures about the United States. You'll discover: Who signed the Declaration of Independence first? Who wrote the poem "America the Beautiful"? Which team won back-to-back Super Bowls during the 1990s? 
This game gives students another tool to use to learn about historical events and people. Family time or class time well spent learning about history. 2-8 players. Ages 12 to Adult. Time: 20-30 minutes per game. Contents: Full-color game board, 540 playing cards, 8 playing pieces, and 30 "Uncle Sam" cards, instruction sheet.



This game is a new twist on games like Boggle or Scrabble, but don't be mistaken this is not a redo of these games but something different entirely. Your goal is to move your piece from the Start square on the Start card to the Target Square on each of the Target boards. You can tell they're Target boards because they include one or several letters in a different color - a color that matches those "cards of a different color" I told you about. You move your piece by making a word, letter-by-letter, from vertically, horizontally or diagonally adjacent squares (hence the Boggle-likeness). Now, as long as it is a real word, you really don't care about what word you make - because you don't get any points for making it. What you do get is a little closer to a Target square. O, sure, making a longer word is good, as is using one of the white letters, because this gives you an extra turn. But your verbal abilities don't count nearly as much as getting to each of the Target squares.


 Apples to Apples

Every player has seven red cards in their hand. They have nouns on them. Each round has a judge. The judge turns over the top green card, which contains an adjective. Each player picks the card from their hand they feel best matches the green card and plays it face down. The judge picks the red card he feels best matches the green card. There are no wrong answers! The winner becomes the judge of the next round. 4 - 10 players, аges 12 to adult. Time: 30 minutes per game. Contents: 756 Red Apple Cards, 252 Green Apple Cards, card tray, quick play rules.




Boggle is the classic word game where you try to find words in a 4x4 or 5x5 grid of letters. Boggle is a very fun game to play with family or friends, but not necessarily convenient to play everywhere. Print some of these boggle word game pages to play anywhere you may be, like on a long trip or at a restaurant waiting to be served.



 Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.



The mystery you love to solve again and again is even more intense! CLUE game is back with a modern twist: a soiree at a millionaire mogul's mansion turned deadly, and you must find out who is responsible for murdering the host. There's no Revolver or Billiard Room this time& but could it have been Scarlet with the Barbell in the Spa? Open up the tabloid-style instructions to get the scoop on the updated rooms, weapons, and guests. A deck of Intrigue Cards adds suspense to your game with cards that can help you solve the crime faster& or result in a second victim! Narrow down which rumors are true and which are just hearsay--and get caught up in the scandal of the century! CLUE game is back with a modern twist! Features updated rooms, weapons, guests, and a deck of intrigue cards that adds suspense to the classic murder-mystery game. Includes gameboard, 6 guest movers, 6 Personality Cards, deck of Rumor Cards, deck of Intrigue Cards, clue pad, scandal envelope, 2 dice, 9 weapons, and instructions. For 3 to 6 players.


 Forbidden Island

Dare to discover Forbidden Island! Join a team of fearless adventurers on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from the ruins of this perilous paradise. Your team will have to work together and make some pulse-pounding maneuvers, as the island will sink beneath every step! Race to collect the treasures and make a triumphant escape before you are swallowed into the watery abyss!


 Great States

This land is their land and kids can test their knowledge of it with this award-winning Great States! board game. Answer timed questions to show how well you know state capitals, locations, and landmarks in this learn-as-you-play game of history and geography. Includes game board, 100 figure cards, 100 fact cards, 100 find cards, spinner, mechanical timer and game rules. For 2 to 6 players. Ages 7 years and up.


 In Other Words

In Other Words is the wickedly twisted game of wordplay. This funny, raucous game of wordplay challenges your mind without damaging it (results may vary). It presents familiar movies, books, songs, and sayings - with a tangled twist. Think you're so smart' Your friends will try to prove otherwise. Clever or clueless - it's all in the game. Contents include 500 cards, 20 Power Play cards, score pad, timer and a 6-sided die. For 4 players.



Multi-faceted word strategy game. Each person works with 5 letter tiles in his/her tray and all the letters on the board. Rearrange, add, trade them, build and claim longer words each turn.
Players can build words horizontally too. A "jumbulaya word" is a 7,8 or 9 tile vertical word.


 Letter Roll

Letter Roll is a fun new twist on word games. Almost anyone can play and the only limiting factor is one’s vocabulary. 
Roll the special dice and flip the timer. Players race to list words containing the three letters shown on the dice. Only words listed by a single player score points so players are rewarded for their speed and creative thinking! 2-8 players. Ages 8 to Adult. Time: 30 minutes. Contents: Seven letter roll dice, 1 orange minute timer, 1 blue two-minute time, 4 paper pads, 4 pencils, and rules.



Monopoly is an American-originated board game published by Parker Brothers. Subtitled "The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game", the game is named after the economic concept of monopoly — the domination of a market by a single entity. It is currently published by the United States game and toy company Hasbro. Players move around the game board buying or trading properties, developing their properties with houses and hotels, and collecting rent from their opponents, the ultimate goal is to drive them into bankruptcy.



Name 5

Can you name 5 things that could make a person sneeze? How about 5 TV dads? How about 5 video games, or vegetables beginning with "a"?

Sure you know one Tom Hanks movie or two Tina Turner songs…. But can you name 5?

Catagories can be anything, Action Heros, Bodies of water, even Pizza Toppings.

Think fast and rack your brain because you need to come up with 5 answers before time runs out.

Perfect icebreaker for ages 12 and up.




Quiddler consists of 118 cards. Each card has one letter of the alphabet on it, with the exception of 10 double letter cards that feature CL, TH, IN, QU and ER. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals three to each player. In each subsequent round, he deals out one more card to each person. At the beginning of the eighth and final round, each person will be dealt 10 cards. Every player tries to combine all cards into words to achieve the high score. 1-8 players. Ages:8 to Adult. Time: 40 minutes. Contents: 118 cards and rules. 



is as simple as matching colors and shapes, it is a game that also requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy. The game consists of 108 wooden blocks with six different shapes in six colors. Using the blocks, players attempt to score the most points by building lines that share a common attribute – either color or shape. Qwirkle is a quick game to learn, but you'll soon discover that you'll need to think strategically in order to score the most points.



Say Anything

The goal of Say Anything is to get people talking about interesting things and laughing.

Each of the other players writes an answer on a dry erase board and places it face-up on the table. Once all of the answers are on the table, the Judge secretly chooses their favorite response. Each other player has two tokens to bet on the answer they think the Judge chose as their favorite. Players receive 1 point for each correct bet. The game ends after a set number of rounds, usually 20 or so.


 Sort it Out! 

is the new party game from Australia that's sweeping across the world. A great icebreaker for groups of new friends and a battle of wits with old friends and family. The fun family game where players put things in order. Who knows the biggest, fastest, loudest, smallest, longest everything? Sort it Out! is a fast-paced game where knowing just a little about something can help you win everything! The more you place in the right order, the more you score! Game Contents: Game Board, 6 Moving Pieces, 6 Tile Holders, 30 Coloured Tiles, Over 300 Topic Cards, Sand Timer, Instructions. For ages 12 years & up, 2-6 players.



Thunderstone is a fantasy deck-building card game designed by Mike Elliott and published by Alderac Entertainment Group in 2009, with artwork by Jason Engle. Each card has dimensions of 6.3cm x 8.8cm. Each set comes with a stone artifact. It has been translated into several languages.
Gameplay involves building a deck of adventurers and equipment to defeat monsters. Each turn players must decide whether to visit the "village" to purchase cards, upgrade heroes and other actions or if they will face a monster in the current dungeon using the heroes and equipment in their hand. Defeated monsters are added to a players deck as well, where they may contribute money and/or other bonuses when in hand.


Word Racer

There are four rounds per game of Word Racer, each round lasting two minutes. Round 1 begins as the computer semi-randomly places letters in a 4x4 grid. Each player then searches for words that can be constructed from the letters of sequentially adjacent letters. Here, the meaning of "adjacent" includes the horizontally, vertically and diagonally neighboring letters. Words must be at least three letters long, may include singular, plural and other derived forms separately, but may not use the same letter square more than once per word.



Word Shark

Students learn about short vowel sounds through this exciting word game. The fun begins when each player chooses a Word Shark mat. The first player draws a consonant tile from the pile and tries to add it to a word ending on his or her mat to make a word. If the letter cannot be used to spell a word, it is returned to the pile, and it is the next player’s turn. The first player to fill a mat with words wins! Use the other side of the mat to spell out the words. Variations allow for crossword puzzles, center activities, cooperative activities, or timed contests. Includes 10 two-sided mats, 58 vowel tiles, and 92 consonant tiles. For 1-10 players.

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