Dear Colleagues all over Ukraine!

We would like to congratulate you on the Ukrainian Libraries' Day and wish you inspiration to handle all your tasks with enthusiasm. Enlight your visitors with knowledge and guidance. 


American Library @ NaUKMA


Dear first year BA programs at NaUKMA students!

Please, note that the workshop #3 in the course of EKMS takes place at the American Library

We would like to ask you to look at your schedules and find out where we are before your lectures start.

Our instructors kindly ask you be on time as late coming may interrupt the lecture or plagiarism attitude scale test.

The information about your course can be seen here

We wish you good luck!

Starting from the first of September, 2018,  the rules for library members registration will be different.

Students, Ph.D. students, and lecturers of NaUKMA are free to issue a membership card. The card grants the right to use books in reading rooms and the issuance of copies with the appropriate status for the subscription, the use of electronic resources and databases on the local network, as well as the right to remote access to electronic resources.

For NaUKMA graduates, the annual re-registration of the card will cost 100 UAH.

For third-party users, the entry is made on the basis of a passport and a paid annual registration fee, the letter of guarantee from the institution is no longer required.

For third-party users, the cost of a membership card for 1 year to the American Library is 400 UAH, to the NaUKMA Library - 400 UAH, for students of other higher educational institutions of Ukraine (except for NaUKMA) - 200 UAH.

A free ticket for college librarians is provided, as well as a ticket to the American Library for pensioners and schoolchildren. More information about the cost of tickets can be found in Document About fines and paid services.

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